Survey: The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis

Jun 3, 2020 | Blog

We asked hundreds of leaders in Canada’s research and innovation sector about the impact of the pandemic on science, society and the economy in the years to come. Here’s what you had to say:

Question 1:

Do you believe the fight against COVID-19 will enable Canada’s research enterprise to mature and gain a greater profile on the global scientific stage?

If yes, how can governments, funders and institutions best support this growth?

(Selected responses)
  • Increased funding with an eye to building an ecosystem–direct dollars towards cross-sectoral partnerships that include academia and industry
  • Local testing and provincial purchase/implementation of rapid response innovative solutions
  • See R&D initiatives all the way through to the commercialization stage to prepare for the next pandemic (focus on platform technologies that can be applied beyond the immediate coronavirus crisis)
  • Focus resources on solutions that can bring tangible benefits to Canada: job creation, company formation, IP royalties and revenues (not just academic results)

Question 2:

On the path to economic recovery (once the immediate threat of the pandemic is no longer upon us), do you believe that federal, provincial and institutional investments in, and prioritization of research and innovation will be diminished or strengthened?

Question 3:

Do you believe the COVID crisis will have a long-lasting impact on the Canadian research and innovation sector (for instance beyond three years)?

If yes, which of the following areas do you believe will be most impacted?

Question 4:

Do you believe the COVID crisis will lead to a change in governmental science advice structures related to emergency preparedness?

Question 5:

Do you believe the COVID crisis will ultimately serve to attenuate or intensify the diversity of research in the country? Diversity is referring to the types and also topics of research.

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