Spindle provides 5 principle services:

Strategic Planning

Business Planning

Impact Evaluation of Programs and Organizations

Business Case and Funding Pitch Development

Educational and Marketing Campaigns

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Development of a Go-to-Market Strategy


Development of a Strategic Plan

Proteomic Centre

Development of an education and learning strategy for improving quality and safety of care at scale

Healthcare Excellence Canada

Development of 5-Year Research Strategic Plan

View the strategic plan

Business opportunity evaluation study

Let’s Talk Science

Strategic guidance and partnership development for the launch of a COVID testing platform

Multiplex Genomics

Strategic framework and action plan to guide the formation of NDRIO (Canada’s New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization)


Development of a pan-institutional strategy for health

Ryerson University

Development of an infectious disease collaboration framework

National Research Council Canada
Public Health Agency of Canada

Development of a branding and recognition strategy

Gairdner Foundation

Development of a 5-Year Financial Forecast Report


Development of a strategic plan and a marketing, outreach and communication plan

The Centre for Phenogenomics

Development of a business plan and performance measurement system


Development of a strategic plan

Centre for Biodiversity Genomics

Business planning, strategic planning and market assessments for a number of initiatives

Baycrest Health Sciences

Go-to-market strategy for a synthetic phage platform

Cytophage Technologies Inc.

Business planning, partnership development and marketing communications

Immune Biosolutions Inc
  • Strategic planning support for the College of Biological Science

  • Strategic vision and plan for the G. Magnotta Lyme Disease Research Lab

University of Guelph

Go-to-market strategy for an innovative nanopore technology

University of Ottawa
  • Development of a commercialization readiness assessment tool

  • Go-to-market strategy for a green silicone technology

Brock University

Proposal development for a large scale research program aiming to improve the outcomes of heart failure

Ottawa Heart

Development of a large-scale grant proposal and marketing material in the agricultural sciences

Vineland Research
  • Full-scope evaluation of a flagship educational program

  • Development of a product life cycle strategy

Canadian Patient Safety Institute

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