International Students’ Day

Nov 23, 2022 | Blog

Thursday, November 17, 2022, marked International Students’ Day, a day when students in universities and colleges around the world celebrate diversity, reflect on the basic human right to accessible education and the bravery of those who have historically fought for this right.

We also take this day as an opportunity to acknowledge that this fight is far from over and continues to be courageously led by students, teachers and professors in many parts of the world. Girls and young women in Afghanistan remain uncertain of their academic future as their access to secondary school education continues to be precarious under Taliban rule. At the face of brutal crack-downs by the government, for three months, youth in Iran have been standing up against years of social repression, economic despair and global isolation. University campuses have become central to this historic uprising, transforming into protest hubs, where thousands of young women and men continue to fearlessly advocate for their basic human rights, and where many have been arrested, brutalized and killed.

International Students’ Day is a day to acknowledge and remember and also an opportunity to stand in solidarity with those who are fighting for the foundational right to education right now.