“It was great having an experienced team looking at this opportunity from all angles in order to distill amazing insights. We really appreciated Spindle’s work in reaching out to experts in the field to sort out how to use our technology to address needs in the nutraceutical and health space” – Frédéric Leduc, CEO, Immune Biosolutions

Hailing from Sherbrooke, Quebec, Spindle’s feature client this quarter is Immune Biosolutions (iBio) who’s proving that avian antibodies are as powerful and fierce as the ostriches the company’s founders had to tackle in iBio’s early days.

Frustrated with the poor quality and unreliable performance of the commercially-available reagents at their disposal, in 2012, 3 PhD trainees from Université de Sherbrooke, Frédéric Leduc, Simon Gaudreau and Jean-François Larrivée harnessed their entrepreneurial energy to establish Immune Biosolutions. The hope was to bring to the hands of desperate researchers, consistently-performing antibodies that did what they advertised to do—recognize their antigen, specifically, repeatedly and with high affinity. After an immunology tour of the animal kingdom from alpacas to ostriches, iBio’s founders homed in on chicken eggs as a humane source of a uniquely avian class of antibodies (IgYs) that recognize human antigens with remarkable precision. In a charming twist of fate, iBio’s currently best-selling research antibody is against γH2AFX, a phosphorylated human histone variant that was the elusive subject of study for iBio’s CEO and cofounder Frédéric Leduc during his graduate work. But Immune Biosolution’s antibodies have moved far beyond their original application as research reagents. The company has developed a unique large-scale production platform that integrates peptide design, high-throughput phage-display selection, recombinant antibody engineering techniques and food-grade purification methods to produce highly-specific and effective antibodies for use as diagnostics, therapeutics and nutraceuticals. In its current pipeline, iBio has 2 exciting IgY candidates against triple-negative breast, prostate, colorectal and non-small cell lung cancers.

Spindle is proud of its partnership with Immune Biosolutions, having been recently engaged by the company to evaluate market opportunities for its line of orally-administered nutraceutical antibodies. We wish you all the best and hope to have the opportunity to work together again!