About us

Spindle is a boutique strategy consulting firm.

We work seamlessly at the intersection of academia, government, the non-profit and private sectors to drive change through research and innovation.

Spindle is proud to be a certified member of the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Suppliers Council.

Our offering is one-of-a-kind and bespoke. We bring together a set of customized management consulting methods with top of the line digital, design and writing competency to offer a unique strategy service that is precisely suited to the needs of the research and innovation sector.

We bring over 30 years of direct experience in key domains of the research and innovation sector, including IP law and strategy, research enterprise management, higher education management, science literacy, science policy, economic development, technology and commercialization. Because of our extensive on-the-ground know-how and because we are dedicated to exceptional service, we understand exactly how to equip our clients with an action-ready strategy and the practical tools to execute.

We have heart

We are established on a core value to provide outstanding service that is whole-hearted.

    We are method-driven

    Our solutions are predicated on a sound strategic planning process that is perfectly suited to the intersection of research, innovation and impact.

    We are bespoke

    We are committed to the iterative process of individualized solution design, gaining clarity and certainty about factors that impact each client to maximize opportunities for value generation.

    We tell the story

    Spindle has nurtured a strong core competency in design and writing because a great strategy is only as strong as the narrative and visuals that convey it.

      We connect

      We bring our clients access to a wide network of potential partners across the academic, government, industry and community dimensions to help realize their vision.

      We are science-savvy

      Our staff consist primarily of strategists with advanced graduate degrees in research-based disciplines. For scientific initiatives, this helps us to translate, position, extract and highlight the right value propositions, messages and drivers.

      What our clients say

      Maureen Sullivan-Bentz • Director, Education and Learning, Healthcare Excellence Canada

      “Our engagement with Spindle over the past few months has been positive and rewarding. Working together to create a strategic approach for patient safety and quality education and learning that is closely aligned to our new strategy has been very productive. Spindle’s team brings a diverse skillset, strong relationships and connections, and extensive field expertise, that has helped to shed light on ways to foster an innovative mindset to build capability and capacity within the Canadian healthcare context. The overarching model and approach with practical recommendations that was developed for our organization will greatly assist us as we bring the new model to life.”

      Dr. Bradley W. McLean • Associate Director, Innovation & Commercialization, Brock University

      “Spindle provided focused and impactful consultation for our intellectual property portfolio. Tina and her team delivered a concise and actionable report along with a powerful tool to assess future technology disclosures. The Spindle team is knowledgeable, engaging and dead-line driven with a focus on client involvement at every stage of the program.”

      Dr. Kelly Murphy • Neuropsychologist, Baycrest Health Sciences

      “The Spindle team exceeded our expectations with their resourcefulness and thoroughness in executing the agreed upon deliverable for this project. The strategy they devised for us was comprehensively conceived and informed by esteemed subject matter experts. We feel very confident in going forward with Spindle’s recommendations.”

      Ms. Melanie Martin-Griem • Executive Director, Research and Innovation, Ryerson University

      “Spindle is the best professional services firm I have ever engaged. The products are consistently well written and they respect/meet very tight deadlines. The Spindle team will elevate your strategy development process. They are nimble and responsive, taking the time to learn the culture of the institution in order to create fit-for-purpose strategies. At every step of the process, Spindle adds value and their work is designed for impact. We had high expectations (and tight timelines), Spindle exceeded our expectations and delivered a solid strategy that will help us to scale our research and innovation enterprise.”

      Dr. Ori Rotstein • Vice President, Research and Innovation, Unity Health Toronto

      “Spindle was an outstanding partner in the creation of our Research and Innovation Strategic Plan. From our first meeting through to the final product, Dr. McDivitt and her team worked side-by-side with us, providing the necessary input, the constructive feedback and the creative energy that allowed us to craft a document that will serve us well as we move our Institute forward into the future.”

      Dr. David Henry • Former CEO, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences

      “Spindle has a special ability to translate a system-level problem into a smart and simple plan of action. This was most apparent in their management of planning for the future developments in big data for health in Ontario. They organized a far-reaching discussion that involved all of the main players, which led to a number of proposals, including the development of a health data safe haven in Ontario.”

      Dr. Samantha Liscio • Chief Information and Technology Officer, The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network (CRN), UK

       “In my experience participating as an advisory committee member on one of Spindle’s projects, they were able to deeply engage a number of critical stakeholders in the Ontario health innovation space. They did this in part by composing and leading relevant discussions that spoke to everyone’s priorities and also by drawing out and framing the issues in documents that were accessible to everyone.”

      Dr. Volker Gerdts • Director and CEO, VIDO

      “Our experience with Spindle was very positive. We hired Tina and her team to update our Strategic Plan and to develop an implementation plan and a performance measurement tool. This was linked to a 5-year financial plan. It was a pleasure to work with the Spindle team, Tina was always reachable and even under tight timelines delivered an impactful product in time. The team is professional and very knowledgeable, and willing to work with the client. We very much appreciated that Tina took the time to come to Saskatoon and present the product to our Board of Directors.”

      Dr. Steven N. Liss • Vice-President Research and Innovation, Ryerson University

      “We were fortunate to have engaged Dr. Tina McDivitt and her team at Spindle to support the development of Ryerson’s Health Research Strategy. Building on our institutional research plan, our goal was to clearly articulate our strengths, opportunities and place as leaders in health research and education. Spindle is distinguished in their expertise and exceptional understanding of the health sciences domain, their approach to strategic planning, and their ability to engage across a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. From the outset, Tina’s collaborative style and ability to listen provided an added value to the senior leadership team as we established processes, engaged our community and developed the plan. We were very impressed with how Tina and the Spindle team conducted external benchmarking, analysis and assessment based on clear defined metrics. For this project, Tina engaged a wide variety of stakeholders and organizations which opened the door to further discussions including partnerships and opportunities for collaborations.”

      Dr. Parminder Raina • Scientific Director, McMaster Institute for Research on Aging

      “Our experience working with Spindle was extremely positive. They developed a sustainability action plan for a major national research platform that deals with issues of academic sustainability, partnerships with public and private sectors, and promoting the use of the research platform to its stakeholders. Spindle interviewed many of the members of this national platform and incorporated complex ideas into a set of very concise recommendations to structure our research platform. I very much enjoyed working with the Spindle Team.”

      Ms. Samar Saneinejad • Senior Director, Strategy and Commercialization, Unity Health Toronto

      “Our experience with Spindle has been very positive – they spent time upfront understanding our needs and throughout the entire project, they worked very closely and iteratively with us to ensure we are satisfied with the final deliverable. Tina’s availability to regularly brainstorm and talk through strategy was especially helpful in formulating our final strategic plan.”

      Dr. Melanie Wills • Director, G. Magnotta Lyme Disease Research Lab, University of Guelph

      “When my group was seeking a strategic plan for our initiative, Spindle initially captured our attention because of the glowing feedback we received from colleagues who had recently worked with the firm. Spindle worked efficiently to determine our needs upfront, but was agile in response to our changing situation, and re-tooled throughout the engagement to craft a final report that met our evolving requirements. Their external consultation process provided a holistic view of our gaps and opportunities, while also connecting us with influencers beyond our existing network. Ultimately, the deliverable helped us to construct a realistic 5-year implementation plan that was true to our vision, while also satisfying diverse stakeholders.”

      Mr. John Clarkson • Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, Ontario Brain Institute

      “Spindle gets the priorities of funders and decision makers in the research and innovation space. They are able to tease out a clear strategy to address complex challenges and develop documents that articulate issues and value in a relatable way – allowing their audience to connect and engage with the opportunity at hand.”

      Dr. Vasanthi Srinivasan • Executive Director of the Ontario Strategy For Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Support Unit, Former Assistant Deputy Minister, Health System Strategy Division, Ministry of Health And Long Term Care

      “Spindle has a keen ability to put together compelling strategies that are based on thorough research and that are evidence-informed. They are also able to accommodate varied project parameters from differing stakeholder perspectives to constantly evolving issues and deliver real results through collaboration and consensus building.”

      Dr. Bonnie Schmidt • CEO, Let's Talk Science

      “Spindle approached our education business development project in a very professional way and engaged various people across the organization. Tina was a delight to work with and demonstrated deep commitment to our organization and understanding our needs. The team was clearly dedicated to producing useful work in a timely way.”

      Dr. Frederic Leduc • CEO, Immune Biosolutions

      “Spindle’s work with us was simply exceptional and this is why we have worked with them on 2 separate mandates in the last 6 months, exceeding our already high expectations on both occasions.”

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