“The Spindle team delivered a well-executed work product that provided essential information and a sound mechanism to evaluate acceptable risk and investment in our venture going forward. The business plan informed our understanding of the competitive landscape and allowed us to see where our product could be best positioned within a business model that aligned with the mission and values of our health centre.” – Dr. Kelly Murphy, Co-Inventor ArtOnTheBrain, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Baycrest Health Sciences

ArtOnTheBrain wants to re-invigorate the aging adult brain, one painting at a time. Invented at Baycrest Health Sciences by Dr. Kelly Murphy (Clinical Neuropsychologist) and Ms. Aviva Altschuler (Manager of Culture and Arts),  the web-accessible app is taking a page from participatory arts programs to combat loneliness and improve cognition in older adults – all while providing a healthy dose of art history to the culture-seeking senior citizen.

ArtOnTheBrain brings fingertip access to all the health benefits of art, from connecting with others to strengthening social relationships and sharpening memory. Being exposed to all that goodness from the comfort of home can make a big difference in the lives of older adults who can’t pack up for a guided tour of the local museum at the drop of a hat.

ArtOnTheBrain has been piloted with healthy seniors and those experiencing mild cognitive impairment and preliminary results indicate that the app is just as effective as in person arts programs in improving mood and an overall sense of wellness.

Spindle was engaged by the ArtOnTheBrain team to devise a business plan for getting this exciting innovation into the hands of the 60+ generation.